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  5. "Soldații au pantaloni verzi."

"Soldații au pantaloni verzi."

Translation:The soldiers have green pants.

February 11, 2018



I got this as al multiple choice exercise with the alternatives “Soldați” and “Soldații” (and others). Of course with “Soldații” it is a correct sentence, so I chose “Soldați” to check – and it was rejected. So how would you say “soldiers have green pants” in Romanian? Thanks in advance.

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In Romanian, the subject has to be accompanied by either the indefinite or the definite article.

  • Soldații au pantaloni verzi. = The soldiers have green pants. -- the ones we are talking about

  • Soldații au pantaloni verzi. = Soldiers have green pants. -- general statement (all soldiers)

  • Unii / niște soldați au pantaloni verzi. = Some of the soldiers have green pants.

WRONG: Soldați au pantaloni verzi.


Mulțumesc! I suppose that “Niște soldați…” could pass, too.

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Yes, "niște" is the plural indefinite article. "Niște soldați" also translates to "Some of the soldiers..." I added it above, thanks. So:

  • soldații = all of them (either all of those we talk about or all of them ever)

  • unii / niște = some of them


Thanks, that's exactly what I had in mind! Since the statement is true in general, I left away the article and answered "Soldiers have green pants.", which was not accepted.

This should be fixed!


In which case, how do you differentiate between the top two? I assume in day to day life, the context usually gives away which one you mean, but is there a wah to be more explicit?


What is “the tolp two?” We cannot see the exercise you were given.

Edit: I assume you are referring to the list in coto.i's first comment.


I was referring to coto's comment, which includes three example sentences/translations The top two are identical in Romanian, but can be interpreted differently when translated to English

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