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Hey! I am new to this site and don't know much :/ Anyone mind giving me a few tips?

5 years ago

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Start with the basics in your targeted language. Everything else is pretty much intuitive. And make sure you use the "search" function in the discussion section.

DuoLingo is fun, enjoy but keep in mind, it is still a work in progress. Some of the moderators, creators usually respond quickly if you have any questions. Also there's a "support" tab to your left if you have any technical questions. The discussion section appears to be very active.

Uhmmm . . . that's it.

5 years ago

Don't rely on Duolingo alone, but get a dictionary and grammar book (second hand bookstore, garage sale, dumpster dive, old college text) in your target language, and use them. Remember that the lessons are taught by a computer, and the database is not exhaustive, so there will be some frustration along the way, but you can solve a lot of your own problems by simply looking a word up on your own if you need clarification.

If you pay attention you'll find people in your language that can be very helpful -- and a few chronic complainers :) -- on the discussion board.

I have many more hints for Spanish. Friend/Message if you want to hear any of them.

5 years ago

Welcome! Happy you're here :) I'd say just dive right in with the first skill. You'll also want to keep an eye out for when the word strength bar is low after completing a skill (each skill has a bar that will indicate to you when you should probably go back and practice - yellow indicates the strength). I find that consistent practice helps a lot (we have offline mode now for the iPhone app- so you can even do some lessons on the go - on the train if your line goes underground). Ask questions and add suggestions in the discussions. The community is very helpful!

5 years ago
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