Hebrew greetings

Recently learnt the word !היי for "Hi!" in Hebrew. This made me realize how small the horizons of Duolingo are for the complete vocabulary of a language. But I believe it is a pathway into the languages.

So here are more Hebrew greetings!

Scroll down to the questions to learn how to ask, where to find the restroom.

And an alphabetical list of phrases:

February 11, 2018


תודה רבה

February 22, 2018

The word שָלוֹם is the most common word use for "hi", although the English word - "היי" is indeed used as a slang. Watch out, if you're an English speaker ‎and utter an English word to an Israeli, he'll just assume you're speaking English to him, and reply in English :-) Most Israelis know English fairly well.

February 25, 2018

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