Which one is more common??

Which is the more common way to say 'I need' мені треба or мені потрібно?

February 12, 2018

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Both are very natural and very common.

But which is more common - I really had no idea before writing this comment, I think I tend to use both of them pretty often.

Google to the rescue!

"мені треба" - 169 000 results

"мені потрібно" - 174 000 results

So I'd say they are more or less equally common.

February 14, 2018

It seems that потрібно/треба is interchangeable.

According to my textbook (Вивчаймо Українську Мову/Let's Learn Ukrainian by Марія Джура):

Потрібен (m.), потрібна (f.), потрібне (n.) – to need

“Потрібен (m.), потрібна (f.), потрібне (n.)” is an adjective expressing some need, necessity. The adjective agrees in gender and number with the noun denoting something we need. The person who needs something is used in the Dative case (for the Dative case see the next lesson): Мені (Dat.) потрібна Леся. (I need Olesya.) Мені потрібен Тарас. (I need Taras.) Мені потрібне мило. (I need some soap.)

Потрібно – to need

“Потрібно/треба” is an adverb which, when used with a verb, denotes the necessity of an action. The person who needs to do a certain action is used in the Dative case: Мені (Dat.) потрібно йти. (I must go.) Мені потрібно працювати. (I must /need (to) work.)

April 29, 2018
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