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"He swims every Wednesday and Saturday."

Translation:Er schwimmt jeden Mittwoch und Samstag.

February 12, 2018



Why jeden? accusative?


That's right.

A number of time expressions are used without a preposition, just by putting the expression into the accusative case: jeden Mittwoch, nächsten Donnerstag, letzten Mittwoch, kommendes Jahr, ...


But then could you replace "jeden" by "am jedem"?


Why is this not, "Er schwimmt JEDE Mittwoch und Samstag"? Why jeden instead of jede?


The days of the week are masculine (perhaps because der Tag is masculine and most weekday names end in -tag).

Here, it's put into the accusative case to indicate that it acts like an adverbial of time.

Thus you need the masculine accusative form jeden.


But I would have thought, that because there are two days 'Mittwoch' and 'Samstag', 'jed-' would take the plural form, 'jede'.


jed- only has singular forms: since it treats "each and every" item individually, it's always singular.

jeden Mittwoch und Samstag is, perhaps, short for jeden Mittwoch und jeden Samstag.


If you have "every boy and girl", do you use "jeden" or "jede"?


If you have "every boy and girl", do you use "jeden" or "jede"?

Neither. You would say jeder Junge und jedes Mädchen.

Well, in the accusative case (e.g. as an answer to "Whom do you see?"), it would be jeden Jungen und jedes Mädchen.


my first thought to this sentence was 'is it every wednesday AND every Saturday?, or just 'every wednesday and THIS PARTICULAR saturday'. so if the sentence implies every wednesday AND every saturday then i would assume you need an every for both of the days (No assumptions necessary for the implications).

I entered 'Er schwimmt jeden Mittwoch und jeden Samstag' But it got marked wrong :( hence why i came into here to find out if saturday should have an every as well.

I blame english for this as it is ambiguous if Saturday is every Saturday or just this particular Saturday. now i just don't know if the German equivalent is doing the same thing or not????


Could someone explain why "Er schwimmt alle Mittwoche und Samstage" is incorrect?


I think even in English this sounds unnatural. We wouldn't say 'he swims ALL Wednesdays and Saturdays', we would say 'each' or 'every'.


Why "Er schwimmt jeden Mittwoch und Sonnabend" is not accepted?


Just a forgotten alternative. Added now.


When do you use the different types of jeden like jedes, jeder, jede, etc.


short answer: jedER for masculine (dER) objects, jedE for feminine/multiple (diE), and jedeS for neuter (daS). exceptions apply


Superbly and concisely done. Thorough, exhaustive, not requiring additional research. Deftly accomplished, Duo! Kudos to your crew!


With two days, shouldn't this be plural?


How is this accusative? Could someone please explain to me?


How is this accusative?

Accusative of time. See my comment to makalala1.


Saterday ist sowohl Sonnabend als Samstag richtig


Saterday ist sowohl Sonnabend als Samstag richtig

Samstag is the standard word.

Sonnabend is a northern German regionalism.


Sonnabend is still being marked as wrong!


"Sonnabend" is now accepted if the sentence is otherwise correct.


Another word for Saturday is Sonnabend. Why isn't credit given for either use of two words with the same meaning?? This is a true weakness of this program.


Why isn't credit given for either use of two words with the same meaning?

Credit is given for translating an entire sentence correctly, not for using one word.

There are accepted translations that include the word Samstag.

There are even accepted translations that use the North German regionalism Sonnabend (though in general, the course tends not to accept regionalisms).

This is a true weakness of this program.

For me as person who tries to help, one of the most annoying features is that there is no way to tell, given a comment on a sentence discussion, what kind of exercise they had or what exactly they answered.

So if you want to have specific advice or help, you will unfortunately have to provide that yourself.

Take a screenshot that shows the question, your answer, and Duolingo's reaction. Upload that screenshot to a website somewhere (e.g. imgur). Include the URL of the image in your comment.

Otherwise there's no point in commenting, since nobody can tell you what your mistake was, and your comment just ends up being a rant -- which would be better posted to your own blog rather than here, since it doesn't help any other learners, either.

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