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"Kateřina parkuje v pruhu pro cyklisty."

Translation:Kateřina has been parking in the bike lane.

February 12, 2018



It tells me that "parkuje" means "is parking" and then I have to translate it as "has been parking"? Does this make sense?


"is parking" is accepted

You must really always tell us the complete sentence that was rejected, otherwise we can't help you. This is a general rule, the complete sentence is necessary and a report using the "My answer should be accepted" is also helpful.


"is parking" wasn't displayed, I had to chose from the words given. So I had no rejected sentence to give.

Neither English nor Czech are my first language and I am not familiar with the translation rules for the aspect from Czech to English. So I will not tell you that my answer should be accepted but I ask wether this makes any sense or not. I consider not believing that I am always right and the other is always wrong also helpful. ;)


I do understand that you use the word bank. But you use the word bank to compose a sentence. So you composed a sentence and it was rejected. It contained "is parking", but please understand that it is really really necessary to tell us what was that sentence.

If you don't tell us that then the only thing I can tell you is that "is parking" is accepted in all our sentence forms. I cannot tell you more unless you report the complete sentence. It is as simple as that.


No, my sentence did not contain "is parking" and neither was it rejected. Since "is parking" wasn't in the word bank, I composed the accepted sentence of "Kateřina has been parking in the bike lane."

The word "parkuje" was marked orange, so I could check what it means. There the translation "is parking" was given.

My point is, that "is parking" wasn't available in the word bank. It was confusing to me, because the explanation given upon touching the word "parkuje" differed from the offered words in the word bank.


I had this question too because the word bank is different. But I realized that it could be has been because of the word bank so it helped me see it both ways.


OK, "parkuje" can mean all of "parks" "is parking" and "has been parking". Czech has only one present tense, English has present simple, present continuous and present perfect. So you can't expect any 1:1 correspondence.

Secondly, the hints (or explanations) will show various possible translations of a word. Those translations may not be applicable to the current sentence at all, it may just be a possible translation of that word.


I feel you. The provided options of words indicate what's correct, not why it is correct or what else could be correct. And reporting questions feels quite hubris for non native speakers.

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