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What textbook are you following?

Salut! I'm currently learning French, however, I am struggling the finding a good guide to follow! How are you supplementing your learning process? What books/websites are you following besides our dearest friend duolingo?


February 12, 2018



I have been using "Intermediate French For Dummies" 1st Edition by Laura K. Lawless and also the author's website: https://www.lawlessfrench.com/

both excellent.

Bonne chance!


I agree. I borrowed the book some time ago and I like how "user friendly" it is to not just intermediate French learners, but beginners! My only minor complaint is that they should probably change it to "beginners" as it tends to concentrate on things French learners learn in the beginning.


Anything by Laura Lawless is GREAT, so follow DamB5mVY's suggestion.

The old Teach Yourself French, by N. Scarlyn Wilson, taught me to read French--it's old but quite sufficient for starting out w/ the literary language; answer key at the back.

Thème et Variations: An Introduction to French Language and Culture, by Michio P. Hagiwara and Françoise de Rocher, was a very good follow-up to the Teach Yourself book: it's a college text from the 1970's and 1980's; there are various editions available used (I used the 2nd ed.); it has no key at the back.

The Ultimate French Review and Practice by Stillman and Gordon, is also very good; the newer editions have CD or web access, but I haven't tried them; plenty of the older editions are available at a good price; answer key at the back.


Right now all I'm doing is duoLingo and Pimsleur. When I complete my fully gilded French tree and its reverse, I'll be subscribing to French Accent magazine. http://www.learnfrenchathome.com/magazine/index.html (I'm planning on maintaining the French tree gild.)

Once I've finished Pimsleur and all the back issues of French Accent, I'll be open to other opportunities. I haven't heard any good reasons to go through Rosetta Stone, but perhaps the higher level https://www.frenchpod101.com/ resources? (With luck, I'll be taking a DELF exam this December. Unfortunately, the closest examination is in Atlanta which is an eight hour drive.)


My class uses the D'Accord textbook. We don't use it that often though.


veryyyy late response but I'm using Painless French rn as a tenth grader

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