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  5. "Chléb a sýr obsahujou sůl?"

"Chléb a sýr obsahujou sůl?"

Translation:Do bread and cheese contain salt?

February 12, 2018



Obsahujou or obsahují? Are these both acceptable?



The first one is more colloquial and therefore preferred in speech, the second one is more formal.

First person singular behaves similarly: -u/-i


Why is "Does bread and cheese contain salt?" not accepted?


This sentence has two subjects -- "bread AND cheese" -- two things, not one. Since this is a plural construction, a verb in the plural is needed.


The way the sentence is pronounced is wrong, it sounds like a statement and not a question.


That happens commonly with the TTS and therre is nothing we can do. No need to report individually.


Why 'obsahujou' and not 'obsahují' as used with the apples and pears example?


Both are possible. -jí is more formal, -jou is less formal and progressive.


Do bread and cheese include salt?


No, not here. We're really asking if salt is "inside" the finished product that is bread or cheese, and that would be "contain" -- in the same way, for example, that a cup might "contain" tea or coffee. If you were specifically asking about the list of ingredients used to make the bread or cheese, then "include" would work.


"Is there salt in the bread and in the cheese?" could be a correct translation?


I don't think so. Not in the bread and the cheese. The Czech sentence does not refer to any particular bread or cheese.


"Do bread and cheese have salt?" is the more common expression in American English.


I also thought that would work but it didn't . As you say.. have ... is more common. Maybe that could be an option added.?


I'm native AmE, and I can think of at least three common ways of asking this in English: Is there salt in bread and cheese? - Do bread and cheese have salt in them? - Do bread and cheese contain salt? Which of them is used more often may be a matter of regional usage or personal preference. But I would suggest that (a) since we are learning Czech, this exercise teaches us that obsahovat means "to contain"; and (b) the last one is definitely closest to the Czech sentence.

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