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  5. "I am very tall."

"I am very tall."

Translation:Ich bin sehr groß.

February 12, 2018



Sehr groß does not necessarily mean very tall. It could also mean very fat. Would't "lang" be a better translation ?


You'd say sehr dick if the person were very fat.


No, "groß" is the standard German equivalent for "tall", referring to people. Lang is sometimes used for fun or in northern dialect.

[deactivated user]

    It would be like "I am very long" in English. Kinda rubbish. lol


    Why not good "hoch"?


    "Groß" is rarely used as "fat". There are some euphemisms like "große Größen", or "große Mode" when shops advertise size of XXL+, but this is more than polite. They just use the standard word for "tall" in a different context as a "code" for big sizes, but including also normal proportions, so, things for people who are just very tall, not fat. That's the only usage of "groß" as "fat" which I can think about.....

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