"Dnes volíme nového prezidenta."

Translation:Today we are voting for a new president.

February 12, 2018

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In English, this is a more common way to say it than to say "cast votes for," is it not?


casting votes sounds like something a journalist may use but I usually go vote. Less poetic but probably more common.


What is a more common way? The answer above?


In Czech is there a separate way to say "Today we are electing a new president"? Or is "volit" sometimes translated that way?


What is the difference? It will be the same in Czech.


The English main translation leaves me wondering: If you would get rid of the "for", wouldn't make it more sense? As for now, I would assume that I vote for a presidential election to take place.

(I have to admit I don't know whether this is already accepted. Just asking.)


"Today we are voting a new president" does not work in English. "For" must be there. However, with a different verb, it is not needed and should not be there: "Today we ELECT a new president" is accepted.


Please do not delete your question after it was answered.

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