"I have quite a lot of meat."

Translation:Eu am destul de multă carne.

February 12, 2018

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Trying to pitch in here by taking a look at the dictionay.

destul de - quite/rather/fairly or enough
mult - much/ a lot (of)

"destul de carne" could translate to "enough meat" while "multă carne" could translate to "a lot (of) meat".
So, no, in order to say "quite a lot" you have to say "destul de mult" (in this case destul de multă).


Is “multă” required or can you say “Eu am destul de carne”?


From what i understand in the dictionary : destulă carne (not "destul de carne ") would mean "enough meat".


when do we use mult, multă mulți?


Depends on the number and gender of the given noun. I guess carne is a mass noun, that's why it's singular.


Mult is masc sing, multă is fem sing, mulți is plural - use according to the noun it's attached to.


What's the difference between "destul de multă" and "cam mult de"? I once lived in Romania for one year and - neither being English not Romanian native, I would think that in this example both should be correct for "quite a lot", shouldn't it? But maybe there is a difference I did not recognized yet...

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