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French learning podcasts?


I've really enjoyed the Duolingo Spanish podcasts and wondered if anyone knows of French-learning podcasts in a similar format?


February 12, 2018



I love Coffee Break French! If you want to skip over the basics super introductory stuff I would recommend starting with season 4 which follows a story and several characters, or season five, which is kinda a travelogue, where the host travels france, talks to native speakers. I would say season 5 coffee break french on route is closest in theme and style to the duolingo podcast as the host talks to native speakers in french and then summarizes their dialogue in english and points out some interesting expressions. The slate.fr transfert podcast is also excellant, and follows a similar storytelling style to the duolingo podcast, but it is all french and for native french speakers.


I also really recommend getting started with Coffee Break French! :)

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Here are some that are focused around a dictation or conversation in French that lasts at least a few minutes:

www.podclub.ch has two french podcasts (one no longer updated). In each, the podcaster talks about 10-15 minutes in French about something that happened to her or cultural aspects of their country. The website has the complete text available for free. It even provides definitions (in French) for some "difficult" words (I generally know about half of those words already, but find myself looking up several other words in the podcast). There is some structure to it, because you notice some of the "difficult" words popping up again in the following podcasts. It's intended for upper intermediate/advanced learners and is definitely more advanced than the Duolingo Spanish podcast. They also have a Spanish podcast and several in German, Italian, and English.

Podcast Francais Authentique releases podcasts (completely in French) several times a week (also available as video), with the transcript available for free on his website. It seems about 1/3 of his podcasts are about explaining French sayings or grammatical questions, 1/3 are about his "self-help" ideas, and 1/3 are basically advertising for his French teaching website. So overall I think this is the least interesting of the French podcasts I listen to, but it's hard not to recommend one that has a free transcript. That said, I never need it. It's the only one of these podcasts in French where I generally feel I understand everything the first time, without using a text. He speaks clearly with an easy to understand accent, and his explanations don't involve slang. He'll often throw include synonyms for a word to make sure you get it. If you feel your listening skills are weak you might want to start with his podcasts and the transcripts available.

Advanced French podcast - (no longer being updated). She changed her format a bit as she went, but generally would read a short story she wrote (which would involve some grammar, slang, or other vocabulary). She would then define several of the words that were in the story and have you repeat them. She would then read the story in sentences having you repeat after her. Then read the story again at regular speed (again, the format changed from time to time). A transcript and notes were available for a fee (and perhaps still are?). A particularly good one to practice your pronunciation (although you can practice your pronunciation with any of these by pausing the podcast and repeating what you just heard). Also good for introducing some slang and other ways people actually say things (as opposed to the academic French we're all taught).

Ameliorer son Francais - (no longer being updated). He had a short podcast of about 5 minutes, completely in French. He would read a text about French culture, with the text available for free on his blogspot page. He would then explain some vocabulary or grammar points before reading the text again. It's advanced French, but the text is there, so intermediate learners can try it.

French Voices Podcast - Lengthier podcasts (can be over 40 minutes) featuring interviews with different French speaking people. The introduction in English goes over some of the key vocabulary words; the description of the podcast will have even more. Full transcript available for a price. Definitely not for beginners or even early intermediate learners.

Note: I confess I haven't bought any of the supplemental materials for the podcasts that sell them, so I can't say how good they are.

Other French podcasts I've listened too, but don't quite fit the above category: Coffee Break French (which others have listed), French Your Way, and Learn French by Podcast (the latter is also centered around a French conversation, but it's a really short one).


News in Slow French is a good podcast to get used to the french pronunciation. It't not the most interesting but it's quite effective! :)


For beginners: Coffee Break French ;
For intermediates: Fran├žais Authentic & Journal en Fran├žais Facile ;
For advanced: pick and choose from RFI's multiple podcasts!


Personally I like this one, because the speaker covers a lot of interesting topics and he's extremely easy to understand: https://www.innerfrench.com/podcasts

I've also listened to this one a little bit, because you can follow along with the transcript incredibly easily: http://www.podclub.ch/fr/emissions/l-avis-de-marie-f

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