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  5. 我学完了多邻国的中文树!




Finished my Chinese for English tree last night, with 83 of 88 skills gold. Next step: using/reading some of the books on my Chinese study shelf:

Do you have a study shelf? Post a picture too!

My take: The course was very useful as a refresher; I've tried to make some headway on Mandarin in the past, and gotten stuck at an A1-ish level. This duo course gave me a chance to learn more words and patterns in context. Without the prior exposure to Mandarin I think I would have struggled a lot more, especially with the writing system. The notes were very helpful; the English translations may need some more work (see all the comments). To continue progressing in the language and make it stick in my brain, I've booked a 2 week trip to Taipei for March (as my self-indulgent splurge for 2018); looking forward to applying my meager skills to navigating the 地铁 and ordering 饺子 in a 饭馆.

February 12, 2018



That's quite a bit of hard work.
And have a nice trip to Taipei... Duolingo should check if they can get a commission from Hotels.com or Trivago... LOL

BTW I had been quite suspicious about the use of 饭馆, and actually asked about it on HiNative to both sides of the strait. Conclusion: very common for Mainlanders, rarely used for Taiwanese. So don't miss the 小籠包 in 鼎泰豐, which is still better called a 餐廳.


There are many ways to refer to a restaurant in Mandarin, 饭店, 饭馆, 餐馆, and 餐厅 are the ones that immediately come to mind. Some are more common depending on the region you are in, but they would all be understood.



Thanks for the tip!


祝贺你! The Chinese tree is definitely quite long, so keeping 83 lessons golden at the same time is an amazing achievement too :)

I so envy you your learning bookshelf! I am a huge bookworm myself, but I have to rely on digital versions... difficult to get decent translations (English or any original language) in my country, and my student's budget is somewhat limited, too ;P But there are so many books, especially for learning Asian languages, that I'd just love to get my hands on...

Have fun on your trip to Taipei! ^.^ 旅途愉快!


谢谢你! Hope you find good book stores -- I got part of my stash at discount or second-hand shops. I like actual paper books but no way can I drag this pile with me to Taiwan...


¡Felicitaciones! Cuando termine el árbol querré comprarme un study shelf.


That collection of books makes me drool a little. I'm not confident yet to buy any fancy books apart from the books with the word "beginner" on them lol. Good job on completing the tree, by the way! Have a fun trip in Taipei!


Thanks! Buying books can get a little out of control, it's an addiction.


Congratulations! :)




I'm doing Chinese as well but I'm kinda sad that they didn't teach me colours or basic items yet. hoping its further on in the course


They do weave the colors into lessons: Yellow River, red envelope, traffic light (red-green light), blackboard, etc. Maybe you should check out the Chinese decks on memrise.com -- they have a lot of vocab lists.


oh yay! and animals? do I learn those?


Well, there's Peking duck...


Do you know how many words you learned in this course?


恭喜恭喜。对你来说多领国给你印象怎么样?你以前学平提高了吗?你读,写,听,说能力那些帮助最大? 请你有时间帮我做研究。提交一下这个问卷调查。谢谢。https://www.wjx.cn/jq/21297523.aspx

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