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Lost a streak!

My mum and I both did Duolingo yesterday (and we remember doing it) and the computer now shows a zero-day streak! I am really disappointed, because I had a 254-day streak! I will complain to Duolingo as soon as possible.

February 12, 2018



Lost streaks are the most common complaint on this discussion board. Maybe this article will help:


Sorry about your streak.


Thanks for the article!


If I may offer a few suggestions, complaining will not help you. Did you have a streak freeze? You can buy one for 10 lingots, and it will allow you to miss one day without breaking your streak. Please don't let this change your motivation. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I've lost 3 streaks, but my XPs didn't change, nor have yours. Hopefully, you can get your streak back, if not , so what? You seem to be doing fine in learning German, Just keep at it!


Streak freeze does nothing to help atm. Mine was taken away yesterday for no reason, upon completion of my daily exercise.

There is a bug atm.


I didn't buy a streak because I did do Duolingo, but whenever I had used a streak freeze before, it worked...


I guess I will just have to leave it there and start again:(


Please tell me if you lost your streak unfairly as well, because it might have happened to everyone.


Try contacting Duolingo about it


I have tried to contact them, but it's no use.

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I check often to make sure I have the streak freeze in place. Sorry, that would be very disheartening to me also. Maybe you could put something like "Had a 254 day streak going til Feb 11th, 2018" on your public profile to help you remember. I think that's what I'd do to help ease the pain.


There must be a bug at the moment. Yesterday upon completion of my daily exercise I was notified that I had used up my streak freeze.

Today upon completion, which completed seven days of my wager, I was notified that I had lost my wager. ❤❤❤???

I already wrote to Duo a couple of times, but don't expect a response. Guess when I complete my exercise tomorrow I'l lose my streak for it...


That really sucks. I see you managed to keep practicing every day since you lost your streak. Here, have a Lingot :)


Thank you so much! Before when I had a 254 day-streak, I had 428 lingots, so I have way more lingots than streak now I have a 6 day-streak!

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