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does it say your 25% fluent in french for anyone else?

i've only been doing this for a day and it says I'm 25% fluent in french.

February 12, 2018



The meter is inaccurate. Ignore it.


Hello fellow french learner.


this thing says I'm 60% fluent in French, but I know there's no way that's true. I don't know how it determines how "fluent" you are.


literally!! it says im like 50% fluent when in reality i dont know how to say anything


I "think' it is designed to take you up the curve rather quickly in the beginning and that is good for the student's morale. But as you advance the percentage of fluency, (correctly I might add), goes up at a very slow slow slow vitesss. I have been stuck on 71% percent for a very long time and in reality, I think that I can converse fairly well in simple language. It is the listening part that is the hardest. And off course the accent. You can see that I just finished my 201st day with no break except for three streak freezes when I was travelling and there was no internet. Regards,


good job. mine said 22 on my first day.


My 25% fluent what? ;)

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