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Learning Japanese Next?

Maybe the next language that we can learn is Japanese? I know many of my friends would be interested and it just seems like fun to me.

March 20, 2013



Japanese would be great but I am also hoping for Russian to be added.


show your support for the japanese language addition :) http://img38.imageshack.us/img38/7919/5tei.jpg


Chinese is in the works (according to <a href="http://youtu.be/AZBOaigVM68?t=26m6s">this response</a> from Luis von Ahn), so I'd imagine Japanese would be added eventually. I wouldn't expect either soon though.


The Chinese version was promised at December , then March next year(2013)....and now 2013 is almost over... I'm waiting for the Japanese version


The video isn't working for me :(


Yeah, I think Japanese would be a good next language to add. Or perhaps Russian. :) Something with a different alphabet would be nice.


Agreed about the alphabet thing. Then we could write to are friends in a diffrent alphabet and nobody could figure out, unless they know the language


You can use Katakana to spell out English words even before the course comes out. There are only 48 characters. :) But, make sure you find the correct stroke order or you'll develop bad habits that won't serve you well when the actual course comes out.


Yes i would love to learn Japanese!


Why the down-votes? It's a perfectly reasonable request. I would like to see it added too.

Have an up-vote to counter one of the down-votes.


Why the down votes? http://duolingo.com/#/comment/229776

If found that link after searching the word japanese in the discussion section. I guess veteran users are tired of seeing the same posts, requests again and again. With that said, yeah I agree with all the sentiments expressed here but with japanese you have to consider the following:

  • If your native language is English, Spanish or Italian, you really must learn the kana (katakan, hirogana) first. Or well you can skip and jump right into kanji. (Note, I don't think romaji helps.)

  • People have to remember that many languages do not have direct translations or cultural connections. There are many phrases that do translate between English & Japanes.

  • Some people have problems grasping genders in romance languages and are complaining on DuoLingo, when there are free full explanations available throughout the web. Japanese has honorifics and different readings for the same kanji that would probably cause serious frustration and confusion.

Just some quick notes, hope it is helpful.


Kana's not too difficult to learn. Some of the first lessons can be just that. I agree with you though on pretty much everything else. That doesn't mean that it wouldn't be a popular language though, and (as with any language), the ones that are really dedicated to learning it will make the effort. The others will start it and end up quitting, but that will happen no matter what the language is.


Kana is pretty easy to learn, in my opinion . . . and kind of fun. Currently there are a number of kana/kanji learning apps available for IOS & Android.

I love, "liked", the Japanese alphabet song on YouTube

I've come to realize that learning any language is as hard as you make it. There are millions of infants, toddlers and kids learning Chinese, Japanese, etc. as we speak without these wonderfully fancy tools online. What's their secret? ;-)


Actually, I agree. There are a lot of things that simply aren't translatable. And your right, with a language that has syllables rather than letters, it gets sticky quicky! Then throw in 2000 kanji characters!!!


Yes I would love to learn Japanese. I work for Japanese car manufacturer and would at least like to know what some of the execs, are talking about. It may also help in some promotions.


korean would be a good addition ^^


Japanese please.


Yes Japanese next!


Chinese would be a great opportunity for us too.


yes thank you someone who understands. I went to Japan for 2 weeks but had no idea of the language so i didn't have much fun :/ but thats a good idea!!!!! DUOLINGO SHOULD HAVE JAPANESE!!!


Yes please! I'm super super motivated for learning languages it is my hobby! I want something like Japanese, I don't care how many hours, days, weeks, months, years it takes to learn! I thnik I'm halfway to fluency in Spanish after just over a year and I haven't had Duolingo that long, so I think I should be there soon!


I want to learn Dutch!!! That would be more fun than Japanese no afence.


A fence was taken... And it was my fence damn it!


Sucks for you! My fence is perfectly in-shape!


Part of my family is dutch so i think it would be fun! Ryuzaki I think it's just her opinion and don't swear!


Thanks, River! I agree on the swearing thing because most people don't like it and it's good website launguage not to swear.


I want latin, it's the roots of the five love languages so i think that's what we should do. I also would like greek because like latin it is common in are evreyday language


i would really like to learn japanese which is really awesome.Is it just me imagining myself watching anime without subtitles o


yeah i agree!!!!<3<3


Yes please that would be great


I would second that request. I would like to learn and so would my son.


Korean and Russian would be awesome!


There's Korean now! :)


Romanian might be a nice addition. Its in the same family as French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese so fits in well with the current line up, and with the restrictions on working across the EU for Romanians being lifted soon, is likely to become a significant minority language across much of Europe.

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