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  5. "Ich nehme es leicht."

"Ich nehme es leicht."

Translation:I take it easy.

February 12, 2018



Is this idiomatic in German the same way it is in English, meaning to relax or to live one's life in a generally relaxed manner?


Exactly. It can also be related to a certain (bad) situation, that you take easy.


In the sense that you "take something well"? Like, "Aside from the initial shock, she's taking the breakup of her parents quite well". You wouldn't use "take it easy" in this context, but it sort of sounds like that's what you're suggesting...


I didn't find a better expression... I don't know if I would use it for the situation you gave, because it has this connotation of not caring about something. I'd use it more like "Gestern wurde sein Auto gestohlen, aber er nimmt es leicht, denn die Versicherung zahlt."


Does "I take it lightly" make sense? Does it have the same meaning in German?


Does anyone else have issues hearing "ist" when the woman says "es"?


I have the same question as Ggavish - to take something lightly has a different meaning in English from taking something easy. Outside the phrase <> seems to mean both easy and light.


The meaning is not expressed in this way in English - you would either say “I will take it easy” Or as in past tense “I took it easy”.


It is wrong

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