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"I am already eating my third pear."

Translation:Jím už třetí hrušku.

February 12, 2018



"my" should also be translated. Jím už svou třetí hrušku ?


It does not have to be translated. Czech use these pronouns much less in comparison with English. But your translation is correct.


Thanks for your always serious answers


It is not true!!! My is " moje, moji, mojí, svojí...."


Ugh. If you say "Jím moji třetí hrušku", you should really work on your Czech! :D


Sorry-- I am still confused. How do we know whose third pear I am eating? Are we to understand that it is MY third pear because I am eating it, but that it might be anyone else's pear? Perhaps you mean, Vlada, that if it were not mine we would be using Jejich of somesuch possessive pronoun?


Basically it is my pear because I am eatin it. Even if it was someone else's pear it is the thirs pear I am eating - my third pear.


If one says in English "he is eating his third pear" The "his" in that case does not imply ownership. It merely indicates that he has already eaten two and is now eating another.


So I might be eating His or Her or Our third pear?


Most likely not. We would say so explicitly.


I know. Czech does not use articles but would jim uz tu treti hrusku be wrong? and why is jim uz moje treti hrusku not accepted. even though you do not need to say 'my'


It is possible, but rather for "that third pear", it is not just a pear that is third on some order, it is "that third pear" we were speaking about.

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