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Tu et Vous like Tu y Usted?

So is Tu singular and informal, while Vous is formal you and/or plural? In Spanish Tu is informal and singular while Usted is formal you and singular. Just curious on when to use Tu and when to use Vous.

Thanks :)

February 13, 2018



Spanish "tú" or "vos" = "tu" , but "usted", "ustedes", "vosotros", "vosotras" are all "vous". Unless you live in South America where they may use "usted" even for "tú" ( I mean that they don't even use "tú" in some countries. Reminds me of English where we no longer use "thou" and "thee".), so then if it is being used informally, that would still be "tu" in French. So, "tu" is used informally and to one person, while "vous" is used for plural both informally and formally and to one person formally. https://www.thoughtco.com/french-politeness-vocabulary-3572150


Another major difference is that you cannot omit the subject pronoun in French as they do in Spanish. https://www.thoughtco.com/use-of-subject-pronouns-in-spanish-3079375

I think that the flowchart, that SylviaSpells gave a link to, is pretty good. When talking to God, you use "tu", because you can tell God anything as if God were a close personal friend or parent. You can remember that because in English there are old prayers and hymns that say "Thou art... or "...thy name..." or even "I love thee.")


Thank you very much, helps! and apreciate it!

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