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Cpop Recommendations?

I have been listening to some Cpop recently, and I was wondering if anyone has some recommendations. I have no idea what is popular in China at this time, please educate me! Thanks!

February 13, 2018

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As far as I know, "C-pop" is probably divided into 3-ish categories: Mandopop (Mandarin Chinese), T-pop (Taiwanese Chinese, which is slightly different from "normal" Mandarin), and Cantopop (Cantonese Chinese, mostly spoken in Southern China). Personally, I listen to mostly Mandopop, but mostly from obscure vocalists called Vocaloids (they're computer programs designed to sing). TFBoys are a great band from mainland China (I think?) and S.H.E. is another female group from Taiwan. I highly recommend both groups. Currently, I spend a lot of time listening to 剛好遇見你 by Li Yu Gang and songs from the 時之歌Project. The former was a popular song not too long ago; it was released in 2016. The 時之歌Project isn't well known (it's based off of a Chinese webnovel), but it's still ongoing. The Song of Time Project also features many different Chinese vocalists as well as Vocaloids.

Unfortunately, I don't think this is a very good list of what's popular in China right now. I don't actually live in China; I just listen to a lot of Chinese songs. Additionally, I'm at the point of being obsessed with Vocaloid and Song of Time, but I hope that this is a starting point for finding Mandopop songs!

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