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  5. "コンビニはぎんこうの西にあります。"


Translation:The convenience store is west of the bank.

February 13, 2018





I gave this answer and it was marked wrong because the kanji version of "bank" was not accepted.


"There's a convenience store west of the bank" should be accepted. "あります" denotes something exists; "there is".


That answer would be incorrect because コンビニ is the sentence topic and the sentence is saying that it's west of the bank. "There's a convenience store west of the bank" would be ぎんこうの西にコンビニがあります.


This time Duolingo is correct. 「銀行の西にコンビニがあります。」would be the expression that matches your English phrase.

は is a topic marker. 'As for the convenience store, it is west of the bank.'

Edit: Sorry 輝く星座, Duolingo didn't show your post until I submitted mine. ごめんねごめんねー


"The convenience store is to the west of the bank" is not accepted and arguably a closer translation


I have a question regarding English, actually.

Is "The convencience store is west from the bank." incorrect or unnatural English? This was my first answer and it wasn't accepted.


it is a little unnatural, yes, mostly because of the use of "from." "The convenience store is west of the bank," on the other hand, would be completely natural.


Could i replace "wa" with "ga"?


You could, just the part of the sentence being stressed would change. In the context of giving directions somewhere though, は makes the most sense.

は as the topic marker stresses everything that comes after it. Once it has been introduced it can be dropped from later sentences since it is already understood information. "(As for the convenience store) it is west of the bank"

It answers the question "Where is the convenience store?"

が as the subject marker stresses what comes before it. "It is the convenience store (that is west of the bank)"

It answers the question "What is west of the bank?"

Another example:

アメリカ人です - "(On the topic of me,) I am American"

アメリカ人です - "I am (the one who is) American"


I genuinely feel that this English translation is not grammatically correct. In the current version, a preposition word is missing between "is" and "west". "The conenience store is to the west of the bank" makes more sense.

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