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"It is neither horse, nor donkey."

Translation:Nu e nici cal, nici măgar.

February 13, 2018



Why not accept „nu-i”?


"El nu este nici cal, nici măgar" should be accepted.


Pentru a raporta te rugăm să folosești stegulețul. Sunt sigur că acest răspuns că este acceptat deja. Faptul că nu ți-a fost afișat ca fiind cel mai bun răspuns nu înseamnă că nu este acceptat.

For reporting, please use the flag. I am sure this answer is already accepted. The fact it is not showed as being the best answer don't mean it is not accepted.


You must report a new good translation if you notice is not accepted. Contractions was added later, I'm sure there have been leaks...

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