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I don't think the progress algorithm is properly reflecting the level of effort put into practicing a language once the tree has been completed. When I first started using Duolingo French I plowed my way through the tree doing 5 units per day. By the time I had completed the tree I had achieved about 40%. I carried on practicing at a slower rate of about 2 or 3 lessons per day with the lessons all gold but the percentage wouldn't budge. Eventually I gave up for a few months and didn't practice at all. When I next looked at Duolingo most of the lessons had changed colour and were asking for more practice so I worked my way through the tree again and this time every few lessons I would improve my progress score. Having turned them all gold again my score is 68%. That was several weeks ago and now I'm doing 2 to 3 lessons every day and it doesn't make any difference if I chose a lesson or if I just hit Practice the score doesn't budge but I think i'm making less mistakes. It seems that once all the lessons are gold practicing doesn't affect the score very much. Oh and whilst I acknowledge that we are trying to learn a language not score points the progress score is a useful indicator that the time spent is having some effect particularly for those like me who have no interactive means of measuring progress.

February 13, 2018

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There are lots of posts about how the fluency % is not meaningful. Last year I worked for weeks on my French tree and my fluency remained at 0%. The finally after almost finishing my tree it went to 1%. The next day it went back to 0%. It was a bit deflating.

Now the fluency % inflated- All I have to do is watch a movie in French or German to know that I'm not fluent. :)

Having said that I do like seeing the % increase because it serves as a motivation for me (even though I know it isn't accurate). I understand how you feel about the % not changing.

I also wish that the algorithm measured something different - but hopefully you can tell that you are becoming more fluent, as the lessons become easier and easier - and translations come naturally.

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