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selecting vocabulary words to practice

It would be nice to be able to choose which vocabulary words to practice. Currently, you can pick only a single word and practice it, but sometimes it's better to practice several words at the same time (e.g., today I realized I treat "gestellt" and "bestellt" as the same word, and wanted to focus on these two..)

Additionally, adding a "search" to the vocabulary list is quite needed. it's very painful to roll the page down until you find what you want (in case you don't remember to which lessen a word belongs to)

March 20, 2013



You can sort the list by strength so that your weakest words appear at the top.

But I fully agree that it would be nice to have tick-boxes on the side or something so you can select a few words to work on. The search function would be great too!


Thanks for pointing out the "sorting" function to enable me to bring my weakest words to the very top. I didn't notice that. It really helps. Merci beaucoup.


I would really like to select some of my weaker words and have all the exercises use them more frequently, either until the system knows I have mastered them or I de-select them.


Or as you type in the letters of the word, the vocabulary list rolls down automatically towards the word you are looking for, just like what you have in a digital dictionary or how you would look for a person in your mobile phone directory.


i can't even get a word. What do I click on or touch?


In the "vocabulary" tab, you can press on one of the blue words to practice it.


I think that's a fantastic idea!


I'd really love this function too.


Yes!!! This function is very necessary

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