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  5. "I am not holding you here!"

"I am not holding you here!"

Translation:Já tě tady nedržím!

February 13, 2018



i wrote nedržím tě tady. why is it wrong?


It is not. You wrote it correctly. I see your suggestion in the system and it is green, meaning the system already accepts that. But why it did not automatically accept this.... mystery of DUO


i wrote the same and it is still wrong


And still today it is marked as wrong.


I can see your report and all I can say is that there is something fishy going on here.


I put nedrzim tebe tady and got it wrong. Am I wrong or is it something with DUO?


In your sentence, using tebe instead of is wrong.


Why is vas instead of te wrong?


It is not. Please always report your complete answer.


why is it wrong if I omit the initial 'Ja' ? I thought this only emphasizes the speaker.


The second position rule for "tě".


I put Já tě nedržím tady and got it wrong. I know that putting tady in that position makes it emphatic, but it seems to me like it's the "here" part that makes the speaker object to the idea of holding the other person, so I thought that word should be emphasized. So is it really wrong to put it there?


I guess if you emphasize "here", it implies: "I'm not holding you HERE, but I'm holding you at some other place."


Placing "tady" at the end is possible. "Nedržím tě tady" has been accepted all along and it's perfectly natural.

However, "Já tě nedržím tady" is a lot less likely to be said than "Nedržím tě tady" - if I had to explain why, I'd say the double emphasis is a bit confusing - including "já" in the sentence automatically stresses it, and placing "tady" at the end in turn stresses that. There are situations where it's appropriate, so I have added it now, but be aware that both "Já tě tady nedržím" and "Nedržím tě tady" are both more common.

And yes, what jarauh wrote is true, "Já tě nedržím tady" kind of implies that I'm holding you at some other place.


Another thought on the "Já tě nedržím tady." vs "Nedržím tě tady." comparison :

  • The version with "já" has "tady" in the final position which is not within the clitic cluster. We know this because "nedržím" is a non-clitic and cannot interrupt the cluster.
  • The version without "já" has "tady" in the final position, but at the same time in the clitic cluster, following the stronger "tě".
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