I have a question, how long does does it take to get done with the whole course? Because I still have alot to do

February 13, 2018


A long time... but don't focus on "getting done" but rather practice. Even though I finished the Spanish Tree, I am only 57% fluent according to Duo. This is intended to encourage continuous practice, and therefore, continuous improvement and reinforcement.

the percent of your fluency that Duolingo says you are isn't very accurate. At all.

I couldn't agree more!

You might want to re-look your goal. If your goal is "finish the course," you can blow through it pretty fast just by doing as many lessons every day as you can stand. If your goal is to "learn Spanish," finishing the course is pretty meaningless and it doesn't matter!

It took me 12 months to finish the Spanish from English course and move on to the reverse course (English from Spanish). If you started from scratch it might take 2 years to finish the first course, but if you already knew a romance language fairly well (or spent more time per day practicing) it might take less.

It takes 12 minutes

for the whole course, all of the lessons

A LOOOOOOOOOng time. probably focuse on practicing, ya know

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