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"Zítra budou jen čtyři stupně."

Translation:Tomorrow it is only going to be four degrees.

February 13, 2018



Better word order: Tomorrow it is going to be only four degrees.


This sentence seems to miss a lot of correct translation: "tomorrow will be only four degrees" (unless zitra can't be a subject in czech?) or "tomorrow, it will only be four degrees" and various combinations


Why not 'Tomorrow there will be only four degrees.' ?


When speaking about the weather temperature, English does not use "there were/there are/there will be," just the simple forms of "to be" -- It was 4 degrees yesterday - It is 9 degrees today - It will be 12 degrees tomorrow.


How about "Tomorrow it will only be four degrees"? I tried that and it wasn't accepted either, but this seems to have an identical meaning to "Tomorrow it is only going to be four degrees".


I have added it.

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