"Vifaru ni wakali"

Translation:Rhinoceroses are fierce

February 13, 2018

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Why would rhinos not work


This is added now (8/1/18) and boy am I glad, cuz I can't spell the whole name!


They just haven't added it as an option. Report it if you get it again.


What is wrong with saying rhino rather than rhinoceroses. I also got caught out saying octopuses are tasty, rather than delicious. A bit pedantic I think!


How am i tooking this? Fierce!


How many more meanings does the word kali have? So far there's already strict, sharp and fierce...


wanyama wakali = wild animals; jua kali = hot sun; macho makali = bright eyes, sharp eyes; upepo mkali = strong wind... How many more do you want?

We have many thousands of words and subtleties of meaning in English. There are far fewer in Swahili because it was constructed originally as a trade language, not for expressing niceties of expression. So in many cases one Swahili word has to serve several purposes. It is still a wonderful means of communication between different peoples.

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