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Are there books being written in more languages for the Labs? i.e Japanese, Chinese, Italian.

In some of the posts on the update of french books I see a lot of people asking if they will get books in other languages other than French, Spanish, Portuguese and German. This made me wonder if there are any other countries translating the lab stories and if they are, what languages and how long will it take to get 10 out to read? If non are being done would it be possible for some stories to be done?

February 13, 2018

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I would expect there to be at some point. They only started with two languages, after all. But it's also going to depend on the teams working on each language, plus I imagine there's a fair amount of work that the main Duo team needs to do on each one, based on them being somewhat interactive. It'll take time, and honestly I expect that many (maybe even most) languages won't have them for a long while, if ever.

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