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Chienne vs Chien

What is the difference between those two?

February 13, 2018



"La chienne" is the female dog, and "le chien" is the male dog (or a dog in general, if you don't know whether it's male or female, of if it is not important).


ohhhh. That makes more sense.

Merci beaucoup. I got another question, though. What is the difference between Salut and Bonjour?

Salut is hi and Bonjour is hello, right?


I'm not sure that we (the french) know exactly what mean Hello and Good Morning . We want to simplify things by translating to salut and bonjour , but it's not really the same . I can try to explain the french words for you anyway :

Salut : for the people you already know , friends and family of course, co-workers that you like , people you already know and get along with....it's means also goodbye.

Bonjour: it's more formal and polite but you won't be wrong with it : with all the people you don't know , older people, employees in shops/stores/boulangeries, someone in the street if you need to ask your way, hotels/restaurant ....

Say salut at the wrong moment can be a little awkward , but people will understand if you're a foreigner (don't worry :)) ) Bonjour is more practical for a foreigner/tourist , it will always be the right word , people will tell you if you can say Salut , or they will say it to you , so you can say it too .

We often live that situation: 2 people saying at the same time "Salut" "bonjour" ;))


Salut is hi/bye but bonjour is only hello


salut is hi or hello and bonjour is good morning

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