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When will the numbers of learners be updated for Japanese and other languages?

It looks like the learner numbers are stuck and have been for weeks! I keep checking every day, and... nothing! I've been following the progress of Japanese learners especially, but several others too.

When will they be updated again? Any ideas?


February 13, 2018



Are you certain they haven't been updated for that long? I believe they are supposed to be updated all at the same time once every 24 hours, but I can't remember what time of day it usually happens.

That sucks if it is actually stuck right now. Japanese from English was getting near to catching up with the reverse tree. I was looking forward to watching the course pass that milestone. ^^

Another thing I was watching out for was when Japanese catches up with Dutch and Russian. Two months ago the Japanese course was at 4 million learners and some people were saying they didn't think we would be able to overtake Dutch:

I'll post the exact numbers here as I'm interested to see if the stats will be different in 24 hours time or not.

Japanese from EN: 4,874,499

English from JA: 5,132,096
Dutch from EN: 4,962,027
Russian from EN: 7,014,001

[deactivated user]

    It's been stuck for one and a half weeks. Maybe after they've seen this post they will fix it, who knows?


    Is it really that important? Especially as many users have multiple accounts.


    Heck, I have six accounts, five of which have started the Japanese course (my main account is the only one that hasn't yet, since I've been waiting for the course to reach a better standard...)

    However, I still like checking out these numbers. What's interesting is not so much the absolute number of people using a course but rather the numbers relative to the numbers of other courses. As long as people have multiple accounts spread across all courses and not biased towards specific ones, then this doesn't matter too much to me.

    The most interesting aspect to me is seeing which courses are growing faster in the number of people using it. If a course is gaining a lot of new learners but yet Duo is neglecting to improve that course, why? If a course is for a popular language but isn't gaining as many new learners as would be expected, why? And wondering why one Duolingo course would currently be more popular than another. Stuff like that.

    I took a snapshot of the numbers of people learning each course on the 12th of December last year. For those reasons above, it's interesting to me to see what the differences are in how many new users have started each course. Here are the increases of some of the courses, from the 12th Dec to whenever the latest figures were updated ("one and a half weeks" ago = the beginning of February?)...

    Japanese from EN: 862,295
    English from JA: 186,666
    Korean from EN: 533,593
    Chinese from EN: 478,635
    Dutch from EN: 222,462
    Russian from EN: 460,281
    Portuguese from EN: 378,355
    Italian from EN: 939,131

    I find this interesting because the Korean tree is better than the Japanese one, and Mandarin is meant to be more sought after to learn than Japanese. Also interesting that, if things continue indefinitely at the same rate, the Japanese course will overtake its reverse tree very soon and would eventually overtake Dutch, Russian, and even Portuguese, but for some reason not Italian. ^^


    I wonder what counts as a learner? Like, do I count towards Korean, even though I haven't done anything with it for months? In other words, doesn't it totally skew results to simply count users who signed up for a course at some point, vs. users who are actually doing something with it on a fairly regular basis.

    I suspect the latter number, especially for Japanese, is a lot lower.


    Yeah, it would be far more interesting if underneath it had an extra stat "active learners" counting only accounts which have earned more than 1 EXP in that course in the last week (or maybe last 24 hours 48 hours).

    One thing I wonder is what happens when you "remove a course", whether this subtracts a learner from the count.

    Another thing I wonder is whether all the temporary accounts that are created when new people click "get started" are counted as "learners" even if they never register. If people continually make temporary accounts and just do the first lesson before leaving... then come back another day and make another temporary account, repeating this and never bothering to register... The stats would get pretty skewed if it counts this.

    I've started Spanish on nearly all my accounts, simply so I can use it to do the "Words" page trick to access it for Japanese and other courses... But I've never earned a single EXP in Spanish... I only choose Spanish because it is the first course in the list... (I've actually found a better method to do this now which doesn't require switching courses. So I can finally remove Spanish from all my accounts now.)

    Loads of things could mess up the count. It would be nice to know exactly what gets counted and what doesn't. ^^


    testmoogle, yes that WOULD be interesting to have additional stats for "active" learners. Though I would probably not be so strict and instead count anyone who's worked on a language during the last 30 days or so. Especially once we're studying several languages, we might take breaks from some for a bit while focusing on one or two (as I am doing right now). But if we count as "active" for 30 days, I'd be sure to go back to the others and spend some time there (which would be good for my learning), while if it had to be within the last 1 or 7 days, it would be too much trouble and too distracting. I do LOVE the sad duo that sometimes shows up in my email, reminding me to spend some time on my "neglected" languages, and it usually inspires me to go back and do a few lessons, and put it at the top of my list to go back to once I'm taking a break from my more active languages, i.e., when I have achieved a milestone there.

    Like right now, I'm spending a lot of time with Spanish because I'm in the test group for the new version, and I want to help out (and get my golden owl back). But then I'll go back to Japanese and work on making that tree golden again. Right now it's rather colorful...


    Faisane, yes, I suppose the answer to your question is yes. It all counts, at least until we drop a language, which I personally am not going to do...


    Thanks, testmoogle, for your detailed explanations about why this is so fascinating. You said it better than me! And thanks also for your numbers!


    OMG, testmoogle... six accounts? So that means... I may have added your other account as a friend but not know it's you? It's so confusing... (@.@)


    It's extremely unlikely you will have come across any of my other accounts, as this is the only one I really post much on. I post on this account far more often than even my main account.

    My main account was to start the English from JA course while it was in beta. Then I created this account on 2017-04-24 to test the Japanese from EN course while it was in alpha (I wasn't an alpha tester though...) and have my 303 day streak starting from that date doing this course purely on web all that time... Then I made the rest of my accounts to test various other things with this course (such as to test it in the mobile app, which I don't want to use on my proper accounts). :P

    Even if you were to add one of them, I'm sure you would instantly realise they belong to me. They are not named terribly creatively and have the same profile picture, except my main account being slightly different to the rest.

    You can see all my five other accounts in my "following" list. You'll be able to spot most of them very easily. :D


    For some reason I cannot reply on your later message, but I was wondering what you meant by the ''Words'' page trick.


    Step 1. Switch to Spanish course.

    Step 2. Click "Discussion".

    Step 3. Duplicate tab. (So you now have two tabs on Spanish course viewing the Discussion page.)

    Step 4. Current tab: Switch to Japanese. (Can close this tab once it loads.)

    Step 5. Other tab: Click "Words".

    Enjoy. ^^

    I've posted those instructions several times before. That's for the trick I was talking about.

    I've also found a new method which doesn't require using Spanish or other courses, but I haven't posted about it anywhere yet. The trick above works on both computer and phone browsers, whereas I think my new method will only work on computer browsers anyway... ^^


    Thank you so much, It is quite encouraging that (according to duolingo) I know 998 words and that most of them have the strenght bar quite full.


    Thanks so much for reprinting those directions, testmoogle! I remember seeing them but then forgot how it worked and couldn't find them again. BTW, I WOULD love to see the "other" directions too please, since I'm working on my Duo languages only on my computer desktop browser. And I noticed in your profile, you do too ;-)


    Looks like it has finally been updated!! It hadn't when I looked a few hours ago, but by the next time I checked again just after 00:00 GMT (an hour ago) it had.

    It really must have been a couple of weeks since the counters were previously updated, because the numbers have suddenly jumped by a lot from what they were a few hours ago. Here's what I make it for the increases of the previously mentioned courses in just this latest update of the counters:

    • Japanese from EN: 384,888
    • English from JA: 106,624
    • Korean from EN: 218,037
    • Chinese from EN: 199,958
    • Dutch from EN: 105,480
    • Russian from EN: 199,909
    • Portuguese from EN: 178,336
    • Italian from EN: 478,848

    And here are the exact numbers the counters now show, putting them in descending order:

    • Italian from EN: 26,604,909
    • Portuguese from EN: 11,025,140
    • Russian from EN: 7,213,910
    • Japanese from EN: 5,259,387
    • English from JA: 5,238,720
    • Dutch from EN: 5,067,507
    • Korean from EN: 1,701,500
    • Chinese from EN: 1,007,559

    The course has flown past Dutch and also scraped past the reverse tree! This puts Japanese up from 8th into 7th position on the list of the 27 courses for English speakers. Not bad for a course that's still in beta, eh? :D

    Russian is under 2 million away now too. If that was a two week period and if things continue as they are, Japanese would catch up with Russian around July~August. My predictions in that other thread might not sound so outlandish and farfetched now? (Although, maybe what I said about hoping we'd give Italian competition could have been a bit much, considering it's still increasing faster than Japanese, lol.) ^^


    Hi all, thanks for all your comments in response to my question.

    Sorry for not checking in for so long. I got an error message when I posted this and didn't realize it "took" until just now when I found the thread and all your replies. I'll post some replies to individual posts in a bit and dole out some lingots too. Obviously, I also subscribed to the thread, so I'll get emails when you respond,

    Yes, Duolingo finally updated, and I'm thrilled to see it! Woo Hoo!

    Yes, I know that not all listed learners are active learners, but as testmoogle said, the numbers are all relative, and I like to see how the various languages do relative to each other.

    And since I'm especially interested in the progress of Japanese, and excited that it's been doing so well... I get a kick out of it having progressed past several languages and now past Dutch.

    Why Japanese?

    When I first found Duolingo, the first language I wanted to study was Japanese - and at the time it was not yet available. So I started with Spanish instead, and then French. I was done with Spanish and halfway through with French when Japanese finally became available, and so I started Japanese.

    And I've been following its progress on the list of courses ever since, and got a kick out of how well it did, especially since it is STILL in Beta! Since it was no piece of cake, especially with the last sections being quite challenging (and, to be honest, quite tedious too), I found any additional motivation I could get quite helpful.


    Well... looks like there's another hold-up in the tally of learners, just when things are getting exciting again for Japanese. It should have crossed the 7 Million mark by now.

    It's been more than a week since the last update (at least). Oh, and Japanese is getting within an inch of being just 1 Million away from Russian!


    It finally updated, and Japanese has crossed the 7 Million mark. It's at 7.11 Million now! Very cool.

    AND... it's no longer in Beta! Congrats, Japanese team!


    Well, the number of learners stats haven't been updated for weeks now... AGAIN!

    Wondering what is going on... Does anyone know?

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