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Could you look over my sentence

Hallo, I wrote this sentence today in a notebook and I am looking to see if it is correct and if there is anything I should fix. I know for sure there are some incorrect things, but I am not sure how to fix them. Danke

Hallo und guten Abend, Ich heiße Rari. Ich bin --- Jahre alt. Ich komme aus Amerika. meine Geburtstag is in zwei Wochen.

I am also wanting to know how you say "the (day) of (month). Such as "the 6th of May"

Danke schön and I apologize for my mistakes

February 14, 2018



Mein Geburtstag ist in zwei Wochen. (no 'e' in the first word, add a 't' at the end of 'is'.)

der sechste Mai (article - number erste, zweite, dtitte, siebenundzwanzigste,... - month)


Exactly! We write 27.5. or 27.5.94 or 27.5.1994 or 27. Mai or 27. Mai '94 or 27. Mai 1994 And we say it as you wrote (dritte, not dtitte - typo right?). A number with a point behind is the same as in English a number with "th" behind (or "st", "nd", "rd"). 1.=1st ; 2.=2nd ; 3.=3rd ; 4.=4th etc.

Attantion: The ordinal number is an adjective (but you can not comperate it). So the day is called "Der sechste Mai", but you say "Ich bin am sechsten Mai geboren." But "Mein Geburtstag ist der sechste Mai."

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