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  5. "I am dancing to music"

"I am dancing to music"

Translation:Ninacheza muziki

February 14, 2018



So "muziki" is something like an adverb here?


i think the answer should be "Ninacheza kwa muziki" because " Ninacheza muziki" literally means i dance music .


There's no requirement that preposition use correspond between languages, and, in fact, it very often doesn't, even in closely-related languages.


I don't know what you are trying to convey but I have never ever heard my parents or any relative say that phrase, because it literally means I dance music.


I am anything but a Swahili expert, no doubt about it. However, independent sources do point to this verb being used with a form of music directly after it.

Wiktionary: "-cheza ... 3. to dance to music"

africanlanguages.com (apologies it's not a direct link): "-cheza ngoma verb dance to drumming"

Of course, there may be regional variation in Swahili on this point.

EDIT: here's an example from a Swahili text (bottom of p. 36) by a Swahili instructor at the University of Dar es Salaam.

Ninapofurahi ninacheza muziki.

The provided translation for the "ninacheza muziki" part is "I dance to music."


"Cheza ngoma" has a completely different meaning. It means play music and it can refer to playing the drums also


Are the verbs for dance and play the same?

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