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Do I say je suis resté or je resté?

I'm very confused, I don't know the difference between the two and which is right or wrong. Please help!

February 14, 2018



You say je suis resté(e) adding the e if you’re a woman. Je resté is grammatically incorrect. It would be like saying I eaten or I seen.

Je suis resté(e) — passé composé (past tense)

Je reste (notice— no accent) — présent simple (present tense)


How to traduce : "I stayed in front of the school" in French

Passé composé : Je suis resté (a few moment) devant l'école

Passé simple [in litterary texts]: Je restai (a few moment) devant l'école.

Imparfait : Je restais (for a long time) devant l'école.

(for a few moment) Passé composé :

Je suis resté (for a girl ; je suis restée)

tu es resté (if a girl ; tu es restée)

il est resté, elle est restée, on est resté,

nous sommes restés (nous sommes restées for girls)

vous êtes restés (girls : vous êtes restées)

ils sont restés, elles sont restées.

(For a few moment in a litterary text) Passé simple :

Je restai,

tu restas,

il resta,

elle resta,

nous restâmes,

vous restâtes,

ils restèrent,

elles restèrent.

(For a long time) Imparfait :

Je restais,

tu restais,

il restait,

elles restaient,

nous restions,

vous restiez,

ils restaient,

elles restaient.

I understand that it is difficult for you, it is also difficult for French college students (well, for many of them)


Bonjour Prenom.Pierre

It is also difficult for me

Thank you for your contribution, I very much appreciate the detail that you have provided in your answer


You're welcome, I like helping others when I am able to do it. In France, in some colleges (11 to 15 years old) some teachers wonder if they will not give up teaching the simple past which has become too literary and too difficult for a large majority of students. Pity !...

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