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Do I have to say d'être not être in a sentence?

I'm trying to say I am very happy to be in your class; Je suis très content d'être dans ta classe

But I don't know why I can't say Je suis très content être dans ta classe

February 14, 2018



Why do we say we look "at" something? It is just so. The use of prepositions are often not the same from one language to another. https://www.thoughtco.com/french-verbs-with-prepositions-4078811


The same verb can have different meanings with different prepositions: https://www.thoughtco.com/a-vs-de-french-prepositions-4080520

You can also look up specific expressions.



For an infinitive to follow "I am happy" in French "de" is required: "Je suis heureuse de....", "Je suis content de...", "Je suis ravi de..."

You could say "It is with pleasure that I ..." but the following verb would be conjugated rather than in infinitive form. "C'est avec plaisir que je..."


You can say ;

j'aime être dans ta classe.

J'adore être dans ta classe.

Je veux être dans ta classe.


Je suis content d'être dans ta classe;

Je regrette d'être dans ta classe.

Je me félicite d'être dans ta classe.

as in English there are direct transitive verbs and other indirect ones


It is an idiom in French and this is a required form.

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