"În acest moment, copilul vostru este pe masa de operație."

Translation:At this moment, your child is on the operating table.

February 14, 2018

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Not only that but at the moment sounds much more natural than at this moment.


at the moment can be translated in Romanian pentru moment, with the meaning of a temporary short state that will be soon changed.

The meaning is slightly different in at this moment, translated în acest moment because this expression says nothing about a previsible change.


I 'd have to disagree, pentru moment would, in my opinion, be much more adequately translated as either one of for the time being, for now or for the moment.

în acest moment, can be translated to English in a number of ways, depending on the context: at the moment, right now, at this point or even at this moment are all valid. However, at the moment is far and away the most common.

If you were to say something in the vein of We are not, at this moment, prepared to discuss matters further, at this moment would be a more than acceptable translation of în acest moment. However, to describe someone who is currently undergoing surgery, I'd be much more inclined to translate în acest moment as at the moment.


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at the moment ,in romanian,is not translated as "pentru moment"


The Romanian tree needs to be reviewed by an English speaker. Some of the sentences can be translated better by my 2 years old child. :(

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