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hi guys this year, I have a target I need to speak English fluently like a native speaker. help me

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my suggestion is, you have to go to the place where many people speak english. you have to surround yourself with native speakers (or at least people who speak english fluently). you can go to, maybe, singapore, london, USA, or even a cheaper choice is "kampung pare" in Kediri. May my suggestion helps you :)

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or you can joint kampung inggris club, you can search on instagram @kampunginggriscoo.id

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hey, i have the same target with you and i don't know what i have to do :v

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your target is my target too.

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great, let's study hard

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the best way to learn language is practicing it as often as you can.

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Make sure to practice! English is the current international language so you'll see plenty of YouTube videos in English, along with lots of great social media accounts. Practice your reading and listening skills as much as you can! Good luck! (I'm a native English speaker so if you can understand me, you should be on the right track :))

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