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My Doubt about french

Does "lit" means is/are reading? When I went to words, translation for "lit" was "bed".

February 14, 2018



One word can mean more than one thing.

So yes, lit is the he/she conjugation of lire=to read


and also means bed



In French, "lit" means "he/she/it is reading" or if it's a noun it means "bed." Same sound and spelling, but two different meanings. English is no less confusing, but we are used to it. For instance, does "bear" signify some kind of big, furry, fish-eating animal or does it meant "to carry, support"?


And that's not a doubt, it's a question.


Moving this question to the French forum =]


le lit = the bed
il lit = he reads, he is reading
elle lit = she reads, she is reading


Who even knows anymore. Can I quit :)?


so if 'lit' means reads then what does mean 'lis' mean.....


'Lis' also means read. 'Lis' and 'lit' are conjugations of the verb 'lire' (to read) 'Lis' the I/you (je/tu) conjugation in the present tense. Refer to the article @thatjzsuzsi linked.


"lire" means "to read". It is an irregular verb and doesnt not follow the conjugation for a -er/-ir/-re verb. french verbs change according to the spelling of the verb, who the verb is referring to, and when the verb is happening here is the full present tense conjunctions for Lire i read-Je lis you(informal) read-Tu lis He/she reads-Il/Elle lit We read -Nous lisons You (formal) read-Vouz lisez They read-Ils/Elles lisent

Every verb has about 5 million ways to say/spell it. or at least thats what it felt like for me at first. and verbs like Lire that are irregular verbs felt like they would be the death of me. But its not too scary and it takes time.

BUT lit also means bed. Just like in English some words have different meanings but are spelled the same.

to know which "Lit" is being used, look at the context of the sentence. "Elle lit le journal" She bed the newspaper? thats just silly. So it must be "she is reading the newspaper"

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