"Das Personal ist gut."

Translation:The staff are good.

March 20, 2013



Could not hear properly the word "Personal", pronounciation must improve

July 26, 2014


Das Perszwhcshcwh ist gut

March 9, 2017


Das Cozumel ist gut.


May 9, 2017


I am from Germany and the voice definately does not say "Personal", which i am shure it was meant to be. Instead she pronounces "personal" which would translate as "persönlich".

October 25, 2017


Its like you hear tge sound of a glass bottle breaking when she pronounces "pe" , reported as of November 2018

November 21, 2018


The word “Personal“ is spoken just like the English “personal“. That's not correct, the speaker should speak German!

February 15, 2018


I guess the proper translation would be "The personnel are good." Am I right?

March 20, 2013


There is a debate in English grammar circles. "personnel are good" is well used and accepted, but sometimes debated by "experts".

June 6, 2013


I read on another discussion in this lesson that U.S. English treats collective nouns as singular, and U.K. English treats them as plural. After questioning the way I form sentences (I'm English and tested several collective nouns, with varying singular and plural results), I had a little root around online and have read that while U.S. English does treat the vast majority of collective nouns as singular, U.K. English can treat them as either depending on whether the sentence is emphasising the group as a whole, or its component members. Wikipedia quite amusingly quotes Elvis Costello: "Oliver's Army is here to stay / Oliver's Army are on their way"

Of course, it Spiritfire's assertion is correct, and "personnel" is a plural noun, not a collective noun, then the previous paragraph is irrelevant.

In any case, we're not here to learn English, we're here to learn German, and it would seem that auf Deutsch, 1. Das Personal is a collective noun, and 2. Collective nouns are treated in their singular form.

A caveat is that I have based point 2 entirely on the handful of collective nouns I have come across so far; German is full of exceptions to rules, so there may well be others about which I am wrong.

EDIT: Cambridge Dictionaries cites "personnel" as a singular or plural noun. Incase you wanted to know.

December 8, 2014


I agree. This is a difference between UK English and US English. The personnel would be have different verbs, I think this should be modified. We are not here to learn English, but German. If the Germans use the collective nouns with a singular or plural verb, we can learn that, but it should be translated to the appropriate speaker. So for US speakers collective nouns take is, for the UK, it would be are. What matters is that the student of German understands what this phrase means in his/her understanding of English. I think there should be multiple options.

August 13, 2015

[deactivated user]

    There are some, myself included that do the reverse courses, i.e. Learn English via German, as a complement to their main objective of learning German from English. So I think the debate is useful.

    March 8, 2016


    You say "Manchester United are....". I'm a Yank. We love our big brothers in the UK.

    December 5, 2017


    I think Siebenundzwanzig is right. I don't perceive that there has ever been a debate about this. Personnel is a plural word. The personnel are doing well, for example. I checked a couple of English grammar sites and the online Oxford dictionary before I posted this. I'm not trying to be argumentative here - just want to make sure this point isn't misunderstood. "The personnel is good" should not be an acceptable answer.

    July 1, 2014


    But it isn't plural in German? That creates a problem.. for translators

    July 5, 2014


    I am German. You are right, it's definitely no plural in German.

    February 15, 2018

    [deactivated user]

      No, staff is a group word. It normally under US English rules be treated as singular, like team, family, police, and a raft of other words that are treated as either singular or plural according to UK English usage.

      May 23, 2016


      Their claim was about "personnel" not "staff"

      November 23, 2017


      I can't fathom why anyone would debate that.

      March 25, 2014


      Because we are here to learn languages, and grammar matters. Though U.S. and U.K. English are very similar, there are a few differences that matter, like how collective nouns are treated.

      April 29, 2016

      [deactivated user]

        Because sometimes on DL you are marked wrong when treating collective nouns as plural!

        October 2, 2015


        "Personnel" in English works like the words "population", "group" or "crowd".

        April 13, 2013


        I kind of see personnel as a singular unit, like group or team.

        February 14, 2014


        This is partly a Brit/US difference. Brits are much more likely to use a plural verb with a collective noun. (I grew up in England but have lived a long time in the US, so I'm almost a perfect bi-lingual.)

        April 20, 2015


        Yes, or “The staff is good“. I am German. The pronunciation is not correct, it's spoken like the English word.

        February 15, 2018


        The pronunciation of 'Personal' is off.

        December 18, 2014


        I hear a totally different thing, the lady pronounces bizarely.

        October 9, 2015


        yeah, it almost sounds like the english word "personnel". but the german word is pronounced [pɛrzoˈna:l].

        September 9, 2017


        I do not understand the word "Personal" in this question!!

        May 18, 2014


        Not sure what your question is, but in English 'personal' means private or individual, relating to ones own person. 'The letter was personal. Which is to say private or just for the individual receiving it. In English 'personnel' refers to the employees of a company. 'The personnel department'. It is plural in nature, like crowd or population. It would not be used to refer to an individual employee. In German, 'Personal' apparently translates to 'personnel' in english. 'Personal' in english is 'persoenlich' in German (oe is umlaut e, my keyboard doesn't have umlauts).

        May 19, 2014


        thanks for your help ntkonn but I mean the way that the audio says personal. I do not understand it because it is said in a strange way.

        May 19, 2014


        Thanks Mr.ntkonn you made it clear now :)

        October 9, 2014


        pfft, nothin personnel, kid.

        December 18, 2014


        I needed to click on the turtle button because Personal sounded like a chocking robot.

        March 24, 2017


        Personnel is a very slightly old fashioned word for Human Resources departments in companies, so "Personnel is good" can be correct.

        March 23, 2014


        But I would not say "the personnel is good", I would say " the personnel department is good". I think it should be "The personnel are good"

        April 7, 2014


        "Personnel is good" is not correct grammar in English. The "Personnel department" does well, or "Personnel does well" (meaning the people in the department), or the "Personnel staff are good" are correct, but not the "Personnel is good". This is bad English grammar.

        September 3, 2014


        In that case, it would make perfect sense, because it's about a "department" which is singular.

        March 25, 2014


        I am German. No, it's not Human Resource as an department, it's the staff, each one of them. But in German you can summarize them as “das Personal“.

        February 15, 2018


        I was taught that collective nouns were singular so for me it should read the staff is good.

        March 8, 2016


        That's correct. I am German.

        February 15, 2018


        How does a k-sound become a part? Something wrong with the pronunciation.

        July 13, 2016


        Aweful sound, it doesn't sound like "Personal" at all!

        August 30, 2016


        You are right. It is English instead of German.

        February 15, 2018


        Should be 'the staff is good'

        July 30, 2018


        can the german here refer to one staff member, or only to the whole team?

        October 30, 2014


        "Das Personal" refers only to the whole team. A single member of the staff would be "der Angestellte" (m) or "die Angestellte" (f)

        June 7, 2016


        So, this is a collective noun right? It's not talking about a single employee, but the employees as a whole?

        February 11, 2015



        June 7, 2016


        Staff is singular word? Really?

        October 14, 2015

        [deactivated user]

          In US English collective nouns (family, team, youth, etc) are mostly grammatically considered as singular.

          October 14, 2015


          Staff should be considered one body, as in a herd, a pod, etc. The staff IS good.

          June 12, 2016

          [deactivated user]

            No, only in US English are the rules so strict, and even there, there is more latitude than you think. Elsewhere in the English speaking world it's common to treat group nouns as plural, depending on context.

            June 13, 2016


            "The personnel are okay" is wrong? Does "good" have another context here?

            May 31, 2014


            I'm going to weigh in here and say that since 'personnel' is obviously a plural word in English, the correct grammar should be "The personnel are good"

            December 28, 2014


            What is the difference between person and personnel ?

            January 5, 2015


            Person is one individual, one man or woman. Personnel is staff or a team of a company or something.

            January 5, 2015


            Thank you very much. This is very helpful for me to understand this sentence A lingot for your explanation

            January 6, 2015


            You're welcome.

            January 7, 2015


            What is wrong with "The personnel are well"? Doesn't "gut" also mean "well"?

            July 4, 2016


            “Well“ is an adverb, “gut“ = “good“ is the correct adjective.

            February 15, 2018


            why is personal not accepted

            September 5, 2016


            Sound is really bad for personel

            March 2, 2018


            Personal is pronounced as in English

            March 28, 2018


            "Das Personal sind gut" is not correct?

            June 15, 2018


            That's right; it's not correct.

            das Personal is grammatically singular and requires the verb form ist.

            Some English speakers use a plural verb after a singular noun referring to multiple people, but German does not do this.

            "The police are looking for the thief" would be Die Polizei sucht den Dieb, for example, not Die Polizei suchen den Dieb.

            June 15, 2018


            The correct answer should be “The staff is good” as staff is singular, not plural.

            September 25, 2018
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