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DuoLingo French Beginner tips?

Hello everyone. I am a high school student currently doing Rosetta Stone at school. I am looking to supplement my French here on DuoLingo. For all of you fluent DuoLingo learners out there, are there any tips I should know when learning French that you've learned? What is the best way to learn here on DuoLingo? If french goes well I might start on Spanish as well since I have basic knowledge of that from middle school. Thanks!

February 14, 2018



I take the brute force method. When I started, I set goals to do a certain number of new lessons each day; but, I would only do a new lesson if all previous lessons were at full strength.

I think too many people treat learning softwares like duolingo as a game. They want to 'conquer' the tree/course. I personally get a lot more out of this by forcing repetition and cementing the knowledge.

Also, there are tips when you click on a module (in the website version) if you scroll down. You can see things like conjugation rules that will help a lot. I use the app quite a bit and didn't always see the tips, so it would take me awhile to put together the "why's' of the language.

Bonne chance avec votre expérience de duolingo!! S'il vous plaît prendre un lingot.


Merci. Je utilize the app android. C'est domage que le app n'ai pas l'autre information.


The tips in the web version are invaluable! They often explain rules better than my uni textbook. I use the web version and write the notes into my notebook, that just helps me personally.

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