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"Tady vidíte příjezdy a odjezdy vlaků."

Translation:Here you can see the arrivals and departures of trains.

February 14, 2018



This would not be the normal order in English. It would be more correct to say “ you can see the train arrivals and departures HERE”


Do you have any reference for your claim. It seems to be normal https://books.google.com/ngrams/graph?content=Here%20you%20can%20see


As a native English (American) speaker, the sentence "You can see the train arrivals and departures here" is correct and sounds more organic and ordinary. The sentence "Here you can see the arrivals and departures of the trains" is actually what I put for my translation, but I tend to be more formal and literary in my speech. The second sentence actually sounds to me more like British English than American, but both make perfect sense and are grammatically correct. I think most Americans would just say something like, "Here are the train arrivals and departures."


It sounds like something a tour guide would say, maybe followed by "and over there you can see a cafe". As opposed to a part of a conversation about how to take a train, like "you will need a ticket, and you can see the arrivals and departures here". Both correct, but the former seems more like part of a script.


I found it to be a rather foreign turn of phrase, and was at a loss to understand why my submitted translation was deemed incorrect. I have no reference for my claim , but English is my mother tongue.


I found it a bit unnatural too, I think I'd be more likely to say 'Here (or from here) you can see the trains arriving and leaving'.


I believe these the primary meaning of the sentence is a board with the times and platforms of the departures and arrivals.

The meaning you point to is possible as well. But somewhat unlikely.


What points at the board in this sentence?


Or rather refers


Where else one can see such information? It can also be a mobile app or a printed timetable, but it won't change much.

If you want "from here" you would use "odtud".


If you talking of ybe board with timetables, it should use word 'time' in the sentence. My first association atter reading it in English was about a platform, from which you can watch departure or arrival of the trains.


Note that this exercise is a translation from Czech, not from English.


I tried "here you can see the train's arrivals and departures " and it was marked incorrect. Please fix, or explain why my translation is wrong.


"Train's" is a singular possessive. Here, it would be referring to the arrivals and departures of one train. But the Czech sentence contains vlaků, which is genitive plural, so we know that multiple trains are involved. It is possible that "trains'" (note that the apostrophe is AFTER the "s" in "trains") is also accepted.

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