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  5. Lost 25 lingots canceling exam


Lost 25 lingots canceling exam

I just had pressed the exam button and when the popup shows up I pressed the cancel button but I lost the 25 five lingots...

Anyone having the same problem?

April 16, 2014



When you buy the exam, you have to be ready to take it then and there. Here's 25 more lingots for your wasted ones :).


I am using Safari on iPad


When you hit cancel, you're cancelling taking the exam at that time. The exam is still available (now free of charge) in the store for the next time you're able to take it. Essentially, when you click the button you purchase it regardless, and you can choose to take it now or later.


But how do you get back into the quiz to take it later? The button becomes grayed out once you "purchase." The lingots are gone but you can't take the quiz.

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