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"Eyes are the windows of the soul."

Translation:Augen sind die Fenster der Seele.

February 14, 2018



I am native German, this is an idiom: "Augen sind das Fenster zur Seele". This should not be scored as wrong. You can google it, if you don't believe it!


Original(oldest that I can find, Hildegard von Bingen) german quote is still Die Augen sind die Fenster der Seele. Even when nowadays das Fenster zur Seele is far more common.

Despite this, you could say that you shall learn to translate word by word and then you have to care for the plural.


I agree with Alexwenk. As a native speaker myself, I think that 'Augen sind die Fenster zur Seele.' should be accepted, as well.


Would "Augen sind Fenster zur Seele" be so wrong?


DL proposes Augen sind die Fenster der Seele for Eyes are the windows of the soul. As a German native speaker I think that "Die Augen..." (as in the original quote) sounds more natural.


I agree, though I'm not a native speaker. I was just marked wrong for "Die Augen sind Fenster der Seele". Should I have said "Die Augen sind die Fenster der Seele"?


If only that was true! this is also an English Idiom which just shows that in both cultures idioms can be misleading. particularly when poetic sources are responsible.


In the same lesson there's also the sentence "The eyes are windows to the soul". The translation of that is marked wrong here. Don't give us two almost identical sentences as a trap. Getting real sick of your scumbag moves DL.


I agree with this


Augen sind die Fenster zur Seele und Augen sind die Fenster der Seele What's the difference in meaning? Come on .Are you kidding?


Why not "Die Augen"? Everything should have article in German

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