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Die, Das and der and when to use them in place of "ES" for the word "IT"?

Here's the Examples.

Ist die Bibliothek hier?

If you were saying no to this answer. Which answer would be right?


Nein, es ist nicht hier. Or would it be.

Nein, die ist nicht hier.

In some of my lessons they state that if you are speaking in regards to an object like "The Water" or "Das Wasser" That it, when referring to the noun in the previous statement would be changed to die, das or der based on the gender of the noun object.

Thanks for the help.

February 14, 2018



Nein, sie ist nicht hier........ When you say: "would be changed to die, das or der", I don't think those situations can be translated as "it"


"es" is only used if the word, it refers to, is neuter. So you use "sie" for the library. "Nein, die ist nicht hier." is right too. "die" is in this case not an article, but a demonstrative pronoun (that causes, that the cases are formed a bit different).


I stand corrected! Thank you, Jussel11 . Until your comment, I would have always translated "Nein, die ist nicht hier." as "No, that is not here". So now I must ask, if you were going to say: "No, it is not here", would you prefer to use use "die" or "sie" ?


Here is another example from one of my lessons:

Welche Stadt mochten Sie sehen? Diese? DIE ist sehr schon aber DIE ist weit entfernt.

Both IT's in the second statement are DIE because they are referring to the feminine noun Stadt.

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Hmm, I've a lot to learn.


i see what you're saying, Dorian_lee. Since your post and Jussel11's response, I've looked and found that these constructions can be found quite frequently. All I can say is that I would have said: SIE ist sehr schon aber SIE ist weit entfernt. How they decide whether to use die or sie is not something that I can fathom. I hope someone will chip in soon and clarify this.


let´s chip in and clarify this :) In this case the correct way to say it is: "Sie ist sehr schön aber sie ist weit entfernt." U ONLY USE "DER/DIE/DAS IN COMBINATION WITH THE NOUN! But ! In fact we Germans say phrases like "Die ist sehr schön" or "Die ist nicht hier" pretty much all the time. Even though it´s officially not the correct way to say it.


THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! This has been driving me mad. I am so grateful, Tabi-Toto.


Ur very welcome !:) I´m glad it helped !

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