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Learning German and Japanese

How realistic would it be to try to learn German and Japanese at the same time? I'm not expecting to become fluent in either language anytime soon, but I'm wondering if learning both at the same time would have a negative effect on how I learn the languages, or if this is an unrealistic goal.

February 14, 2018



I'm learning quite a few languages at the same time, and for languages that are completely different like German and Japanese, I don't think it's counterproductive to learn them at the same pace at all. Be some people can't really do it at the same time, I think really you should be the judge of your own abilities and be willing to push them.


I find them so different that I haven't yet found them clashing. Go for it. If you get confused, drop one.


I would try it if I were you. Whenever you find yourself needing a break from German, you can spend a few days on Japanese and the other way around. That method works just perfectly for me (though my languages are different).

If you find out it's too much for you, you can still drop one.


Studying one at a time, else you will learn both of them slower than one at a time.


Haven't tried it. If you don't get the two languages mixed up, then I say it would a realistic goal. Right now I am concentrating on French, but then once in a while I drop in and strengthen my German.


That belongs to you. Some persons mash up the vocabulary, some do not. So try it! It is worth it. Maybe it is a good idea to learn German in the morning and Japanese in the evening or otherwise. I improof my school English and my school Spanish at the same time. I always do the language I feel like.


Try it and see. I can barely learn one language and wouldn't even bother. Others can learn many. Give it a go.

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