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I am looking for club members to learn German together.

I began practising German on Duolingo some time ago and created a club for those learning the language as well. The name of it is 'carpe_diem'. Why don't you become a part of our committed team? You are more than welcome to join if you wish to. Here is the code: 9FKHKY. Hurry up! Or there will be no slots left :)

February 14, 2018



I'd like too, how do you join though?


Hey, I think it is only available on the app. In the app, go to the club and enter the invitation code. Mine is HUNN6K, OP has listed theirs in the post.


i would like to join too


hi i just joined i need some help i would like to learn and mabey you can help


Hi Abby, when do you practise? I would like to improve and perhaps practise together. Thanks


Hallo ich heise Victor. Ich komme aus Australien. I would like to join so we could learn and practise together. Tchoss


i am not that fluent and i only practice in third period which starts at 10:48 and ends at 11:18 i also have a group called german help were i would like some new members but i am still in middle school and really need some extra help.


Where is your group? ich willst join es

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