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I am looking for club members to learn German together.

I began practising German on Duolingo some time ago and created a club for those learning the language as well. The name of it is 'carpe_diem'. Why don't you become a part of our committed team? You are more than welcome to join if you wish to. Here is the code: 9FKHKY. Hurry up! Or there will be no slots left :)

February 14, 2018



I'd like too, how do you join though?


Hey, I think it is only available on the app. In the app, go to the club and enter the invitation code. Mine is HUNN6K, OP has listed theirs in the post.


I'd like to join!! :)


i would like to join too


hi i just joined i need some help i would like to learn and mabey you can help


Hi Abby, when do you practise? I would like to improve and perhaps practise together. Thanks


Hallo ich heise Victor. Ich komme aus Australien. I would like to join so we could learn and practise together. Tchoss


i am not that fluent and i only practice in third period which starts at 10:48 and ends at 11:18 i also have a group called german help were i would like some new members but i am still in middle school and really need some extra help.


Where is your group? ich willst join es

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