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Does Swahili distinguish between the simple present and present continuous tenses?

[deactivated user]

    Swahili is pretty far outside of anything else I've learned before, so I gotta ask. :)

    February 14, 2018



    In this course it is not distinguished as well. In this course ninaenda is sometime translated as I am going and other times the correct answer is I go.In language school in Tanzania I learned Ninaenda ( I am going) naenda I go and there is also the hu tense yeye huenda mjini kila ijumaa. hu tense is only used for things that happen regularly but the tense naenda can sometimes be used that way. Naenda does not specify present,or past etc Naenda shule.(more general) Ninaenda shule or Nitaenda shule specifies when. Nitaenda I will go.


    Can you clarify a litte bit more this?: "yeye huenda mjini kila ijumaa". What I know or could check:

    yeye = he/she (but you don't repeat it with a?)

    kuenda/kwenda = to go

    mjini = in/to town

    kila = every

    ijumaa = Friday

    I did know so far only that you can use "hu" for negative "ha + u" like "hu pendi". It's strange that "hu" seems to be used for other things, too? But I am more a beginner..

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