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  5. "Mám tmavě červenou hrušku."

"Mám tmavě červenou hrušku."

Translation:I have a dark red pear.

February 14, 2018



I've never seen a red pear before Duo


So both tmave and svetle are "adverbs" and therefore don't need to be in agreement with the word they're modifying (i.e. "tmavou/svetlou cervenou hrusku".)? Now I have to reach back into my dim past and fetch up what exactly and "adverb" is. Hmmm... No rest for the weary.


Is it common among native speakers to barely pronounce the first letter/phoneme of a word? The voice here barely pronounces the 't', and I'm finding I have to listen very closely to hear many of the prepositions as they tend to be half pronounced and run into the next word.


It is common to connect prepositions with the subsequent word. In all languages I know.

You should not skip any letters except some specific cases (jsem -> sem, jsme -> sme). You may find it difficult to hear some consonants, but they have to be there and a native speaker would immediately find it missing or would not understand you.


Another example of using tmavě, an adverb instead of an adjective. Can someone explain why, please?


It is an adverb and modifies the adjective modrý. English often works the same way.

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