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Zum Glück bin ich verrückt. Eisbrecher Lyrics and Why??

As I love this song I have been listening to and reading the lyrics. This throws me for a loop. Why is it "bin ich"? I have searched and all I found is that bin ich should be in a question as in Am I? But for some reason it works in this verse, but Why. Why wouldn't it just be Zum Glück ich bin verrückt.

zum Glück bin ich verrückt - Luckily am I Crazy.

zum Glück ich bin verrückt - Luckily I am Crazy.

That's how I would image it would be. Aber nein!

zum Glück bin ich verrückt is Luckily I am Crazy.

Confused. Any help. Thank you.

February 15, 2018



In main clauses the (finite) verb takes always the 2nd grammatical position, so both "Zum Glück bin ich verrückt" and "Ich bin zum Glück verrückt" would be correct, but in "Zum Glück ich bin verrückt" it takes the 3rd, so this sentence is incorrect.


Zum Glueck bin ich verrueckt


Gluecklicherweise bin ich verrueckt

are grammatically correct sentences.


They are. Is there a contradiction to what I said?


Which Eisbrecher song is this? I used to listen to them all the time.

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