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"What is the itinerary to destination?"

Translation:Care este itinerariul până la destinație?

February 15, 2018



Why is ”până” necessary?


The English should probably have "to the destination" rather than "to destination".


My question is the same - why "pana" is necessary?


My guess is that la destinație could mean either to the destination or at the destination, but până la destinație is definitely to the destination. And I think that whoever set the question was afraid we would think the destination equates to destinația rather than destinație. That issue would disappear with the phrase, to the final destination, which would be până la destinația finală with nobody worried about using the.


For me, it's not just the missing article that's the problem. I just don't think we use the word "itinerary" in this way. My guess is that what's meant here is "route".



Route, dates and times, hotels, means of transport, castles and cathedrals along the way. And there will be more itinerary after the destination is reached. (8-12, lie on beach. 12-2, lunch. 2-6, lie on beach. 6-9, dinner. 9-2, free time.)


Don't understand this sentence?


Is Ce wrong to use instead of Care here? I thought they both meant "what."


I suppose "ítinerariu" is an Anglicism (or Gallicism) in Romanian. I can't find it neither in the DEX or the ZOOM, neither in my Romanian-English dictionary. please teach me more useful Romanian!


Până translates to "until" in Google Translate. Perhaps that makes more sense. "What is the plan we are following between now and when we reach the destination," being the sense of it. So maybe a better translation would be "What is the itinerary until the destination." Maybe?

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